Being an employee owner

Employee owners are privileged in that they have a personal stake in the business that they work for. 

What is an Employee Owner? 

WCF is proud to be partly owned by its employees. Our Employee Benefit Trust means that all WCF employees have a stake in WCF regardless of whether they own shares directly or not. Our special employee ownership structure means that we are able to take decisions that are in the long-term interests of WCF and its employees free from the influences of external investors and without fear of losing our independence. 

What are the financial benefits of Employee Ownership?

Each year we share a portion of our profits with our employee owners in the form of a cash Employee Ownership Dividend or our long-term free share incentive scheme. This ensures that our people reap the rewards from the success of WCF beyond their day to day rate of pay. WCF employee owners have the opportunity to save or buy shares through a variety of tax efficient saving schemes. 

Every employee owner receives an annual dividend on any shares held in their name either directly or indirectly through our All Employee Share Ownership Plan. 

Generations of former WCF employees retain their WCF shareholding after they leave the business supporting our important legacy and ensuring that multiple generations of past, current and future employees continue to benefit from WCF’s existence and resilience. 

What are the non-financial benefits of Employee Ownership? 

 As well as benefiting financially from being a employee-owner, our teams enjoy higher levels of autonomy and responsibility than they would in a typical organisation.  Through our decentralised structure, we invest significant trust in our employee-owners, empowering them to make the right decisions for their colleagues, our customers, and WCF. This results in higher-than-average levels of productivity, influence, morale and engagement. 

In a workplace where every individual matters our employee owners have the unique opportunity to make a difference to our performance through meaningful, diverse and interesting roles. We believe WCF is an outstanding place to work. We benchmark employee engagement annually and use our internal app to communicate daily with our teams and share our successes. Our teams are emotionally and financially invested in the sustainable success of WCF for themselves and for future generations of employee owners.

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