The WCF Family - 

Our Legacy, Your Future, Today and Tomorrow

Established in 1911, WCF has a strong and diverse heritage and we are all proud to play our part in continuing its legacy. Many of our customers still refer to us as "West Cumberland Farmers" despite us changing our name 35 years ago which shows the strength of our connection within the communities we serve.

Our vision – “to hand WCF over to future generations of employees in a stronger financial position for the future than when we inherited it, so that others can benefit from its continued existence and resilience” – is embedded in our culture and our values and influences every decision that we make.

The strength of WCF to identify new growth opportunities has allowed the company over the past 100 years to move from the traditional agricultural background of West Cumberland Farmers into the diverse and relevant organisation we are today, whilst remaining true to our values and our roots. We are a significant employer in our local rural communities. Our confidence and skills to both start and invest in new opportunities has allowed us to continue to diversify the business and introduce new income streams to replace the old. This makes us an interesting business to work for. All of our diverse businesses, past and present, large and small, contribute to our legacy and play their part in building and continuing the WCF story. All of our employee owners make their personal contribution to that story no matter how long they work with us for.

Our WCF employee owners are proud to work for a company where what they do both individually and collectively makes a meaningful difference and to play their part in continuing the WCF legacy. Many employee owners remain shareholders of WCF long after their employment has ceased and continue to play their part in supporting our sustainable growth for future generations. 

Jo Ritzema
Managing Director